Diving can be a Lifetime Activity

Did you know that children as young as 10 years old can get a limited scuba diving certificate, and you can continue to dive as long as you have the physical ability and the desire? Once you have been on a scuba dive, you may be "hooked" on this fun and adventurous hobby for good. Although there are people who make diving a career, most people try it just for fun. If you are interested in starting this hobby, then there are some things that you should be aware of before you start.For a solitary scuba diving experience on a vacation or in some other situation, you will not need certification, but you will need to have some training first. You will need to learn the basics of how the equipment works and to get comfortable wearing it in the water and most of the time these opportunities are very closely controlled and supervised for safety.

If you are interested in doing scuba diving long term, you will probably want to take a more intense certification class. This usually takes a few weeks and involves homework, written assignments and exams, and also some time in a swimming pool getting familiar with the scuba diving equipment. Once you have completed this part of the course you are ready for the open water certification part of the training. If you live in a warm climate this is easily accomplished, but if not, you may need to travel to a warmer climate to finish your diving certification.

There is a lot of equipment involved with diving. You will need to have a wet suit, fins, and a face mask in addition to the oxygen tank, the regulator (what you breathe through) and also a buoyancy control device. A diving table or a dive computer lets you know how far down you can go and how quickly you can ascend and descend to avoid getting sick. You may also want to invest in a first aid kit, a dive float and a dive flag, and an oxygen tank repair kit.

Some people also like to carry a collection bag and a knife and a sheath. You can buy some of this dive equipment used or at an online discount store to save you some of the upfront costs. Or you can also rent if you are not sure if this hobby is for you.

Take a trip underwater and you may never look at the world the same way again.

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By: Eriani Doyel


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