FSU Fans Go Crazy Dicky V May Be Crazier

When I was young I thought Dick Vitale was the coolest guy on the planet. Now he becomes increasingly annoying by the day. Don't get me wrong, I think Vitale is still a high class individual who stands for what he thinks is right, but sometimes I hear things come out of his mouth that indicate he is more like a fan than a professional broadcaster. As I was sitting back last night enjoying a game on ESPN, Dicky V had some strong words in regards to the Big East omitting their bottom 4 teams from the Big East tournament.

In Vitale's opinion, the Big East was making a huge mistake not including all 16 teams, and said that it was very unfair to the 4 teams who would be left out. Vitale asked, "How are those teams supposed to sell their program now?" "They deserve a shot to play in the tournament just like the other twelve teams," Vitale added. I have an idea. How about trying to win more than 4 conference games? You are certainly not going to sell your program by going 4-12 in your own conference, whether you play in the conference tournament or not! Give me a break. These kids are forced to play enough meaningless games in preparation for the Big Dance. To have a 16-team tournament right before a 64 team tournament would be insane, and I for one applaud the Big East for taking a stand and not trying to please everyone.

On a side note, I'd like to thank the Florida State fans for making the job of the NCAA tournament selection committee that much easier in making their selections. It was of course Seminole fans that pointed out that the Duke Blue Devils were "Overrated," as they chanted that utterance over and over again at the end of FSU's victory over the Blue Devils. This of course came after storming the court with 2 seconds left on the clock, nearly causing their team to blow the five-point lead. Fortunately for them, the Seminoles still had two free throws of their own to shoot, preserving the victory. Ironically, the committee was going to regard the Seminoles win over Duke very highly, and many thought this would propel them into the NCAA tournament field.

However, now that the fans have pointed out the overratedness of Duke, I think the committee has realized the error of its ways and can now focus their attention on more deserving teams, such as the ones with victories over teams which are not quite so overrated.The Quick Fix will appear periodically on You can contact Adam Riccardi at adams_allsports_collectibles@hotmail.

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com While I have written about more serious topics in the past, i.e. sports memorabilia and its authentication processes, I enjoy sharing my thoughts on lighter topics which center around the world of sports. Whether its ripping the commisioner or baseball, criticizing a member of the media, or adding levity to the steroid situation, I thoroughly enjoy expressing myself on the issues of sports. Im also very lucky to be associated with Sportslizard.

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By: Adam Riccardi


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