Sport Parties Fun for Kids of All Ages

The big game can be the perfect excuse to have a gathering or tailgate party. Whether it is just the guys or a family friendly event, the Super Bowl or World Series can serve as a great center of attention. Send out casual invitations a couple weeks before and expect your guests shortly before game time.Party planning will not be too intense. Decorations can be as simple as using the colors of the team you root for by hanging streamers and balloons.

Get truly festive with banners or posters sporting team logos.To get your house ready, the main concern is seating if you have a large guest list. Everyone will primarily be gathered around the TV, so you use living room furniture. Folding chairs work well with a few sporadically placed tables. Use large throw pillows for the floor or even bean bags.

It will complete the comfy environment while having great seats for the game.Food is always the most popular attraction at parties. For an occasion such as this, "grazing" food works best. With no specific time set for eating, crock-pots keep stuff warm for long periods. Cheesy salsa dip, sloppy Joes and meatballs are good examples of crock-pot favorites.

Other finger foods like veggies and dip or fruit and some dessert options can round out the menu.Depending on the crowd you are inviting, your drink menu may vary. Beer, pop and lemonade are some old standards that always go over well. Margaritas or daiquiris are a fun idea also and can be made both with and without alcohol.Overall, just keep it simple. Plates, napkins and cups with the sport in particular can be purchased to compliment your sports party theme.

Remember the point is to sit around, watch the game and eat some good food with friends.

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Party. Gail Leino is the internet's leading authority on selecting the best possible party supplies, using proper etiquette and manners while also teaching organizational skills and fun facts.

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