The Olympic Hockey Rules vs the NHL Rules

If you are a new hockey fan, you may not be aware of the differences between Olympic hockey and NHL hockey. Even though these two organizations were founded at around the same time in the early 1900's and the essential principles of the game are the same, the rules for the two are not exactly the same. If you understand the differences between Olympic hockey and NHL hockey, when you watch you will be able to enjoy the games more because you will not be confused by the differences.Here are some of the key differences between Olympic hockey and the NHL: 1. The ice size: The Olympic hockey rink is over 3,000 square feet bigger.

It is longer, wider, and has more space between the goal and the end boards. This minimizes the amount of checking that occurs in Olympic matches.2.

Penalty shots: In Olympic hockey, any player from the team can shoot a penalty shot whether they were the penalty victim or not. However, the victim must shoot the penalty shot in the NHL.3. Fighting: Although this seems to be an important part of any hockey game, in Olympic hockey those who fight are given a match penalty and are ejected. In the NHL, players are put in a penalty box for 5 minutes and then they are allowed to play again.

4. Shootout: A shootout is only used in regular season play in the NHL-they choose three players from each team to break the tie. During the playoffs, however, the teams play in overtime until one team scores the winning goal.

In Olympic hockey, if the score is tied, there is a sudden death overtime period of 10 minutes. If the score remains tied, then a shootout is held with 5 players from each team.5. Icing: In the NHL, icing is only called after a player shoots down the ice from their team's side of the center line and it crosses the goal line and an opposing team's player touches it. Meanwhile, in the Olympics, no player from any team has to touch the puck before icing is called.6.

Obstruction: While the NHL rules on fighting are more lenient than the Olympics, their rules on things like holding, hooking and interference are tougher. The international hockey community is implementing stricter rules as well in order to better protect players.Now you're ready to watch some hockey!.

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By: Eriani Doyel


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